Eat Your Flowers: Part II

By now we have established that you can, in fact, eat flowers.  Many of them, actually.  Here are a few more options that are available right now in the season.


Did you know that every. single. part. of the dandelion plant is edible?  Right now the flowers are everywhere in the city, so it's a great time to gather.  Roots are best gathered in the fall (oh... I guess it's fall.  Better get on that).  Leaves are best in the spring when they are less bitter.  Be smart about gathering - dandelions typically like areas that are heavily disturbed and may have been sprayed with chemicals at some point.  Or sprayed by dogs.   Either way, not great.

One great way to get rid of weeds in your yard?  Eat them!

One great way to get rid of weeds in your yard?  Eat them!


A wonderful flower for making teas.  Not sure what else you can do with them - anyone have ideas?  These beauties are growing in pots at one of our local breweries and are doing so well that I think I might try to plant some next year in my garden.


Like rosemary and a lot of other herbs, the flowers of basil are, in fact, edible.  My little basil plant in the house has completed bolted, and the stem has turned to a woody trunk.  I blame our two-week vacation in August for this lack of maintenance on our part.  The good news is that some flowers have developed, so I can do some tests with basil flower recipes!  Hey, when life gives you lemons... plant the lemon seeds and grow a tree so that you have lemons forever.  Or something.

I'm going to skip the basil flowers picture because our basil plant is very pathetic looking and fairly embarrassing.  


Dahlias are one of my favorite flowers.  They are just so insanely stunning that they shock me every time I see one.  These, like the hibiscus, are not mine: these are in a common bed in our community garden (you can see the Airstream tool shed behind it).  A quick online search says that there are a handful of dahlias that have edible roots, but there are thousands of varieties.  So, suffice it to say, you could maybe eat certain parts of certain dahlias, but let's not.  Let's just keep looking at how pretty they are...

So there you have it: flowers in bloom right now that you can chow down on.  Enjoy!